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Product Review - GroVia Hybrid


The GroVia Hybrid is a versatile All-In-Two nappy.  It is a one-size nappy system (will fit most babies from 3.6kg - 16kg) and is available with either hook and loop or snap fastening.  It is designed so that the outer shell may be used for multiple nappy changes. You purchase the shell and the soaker pads separately (or can be used with disposable inserts (BioSoakers) or prefolds).  A unique feature of the GroVia is the soaker pad which snaps in so that it won’t move around.  It is made out of thick, soft, cotton jersey and it’s organic.  When wet you can simply replace the soaker pad but if the shell gets wet, allow to air dry and use for the next nappy change.  If your GroVia Shell is soiled or very saturated, start fresh with a new GroVia Shell.  These nappies are also super cute! There are a range of great colours and patterns available.

Pros: well constructed, quality materials (and soaker pads are organic), easy to use, can use with various inserts, quite trim, snaps or Velcro, very cute!

Cons: initial cost, line dry only for the covers.