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Close Pop-In Review at Cotton Bottom Cloth Nappies

Cotton Bottom - Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cloth Nappies Close Pop-In

Having a baby is expensive but having twins doubles that and nappies are certainly no exception.  We have successfully transitioned our twins into fulltime day cloth nappy bubs with hubby being an active nappy changer (and actually a spruker for cloth nappies when we are out and about) as well as a nappy hanger-outerer of an evening (this I'm certain he is not quite as passionate about)!  BUT we have trialled a few night options and until recently have found nothing that we have been happy with due to leakage and bulk.  When I took over this business we had the Close Pop-In cloth nappies and although they were not my favourite day time nappy there was nothing at all wrong with them but I began reading about their use as a night time nappy and with the use of the relatively slimline night booster, how reliable they were.  I was intrigued so contacted our supplier and organized some to trial!Cloth Nappies Close Pop-In

The Close Pop-In nappy for normal day time use is in three parts.  Essentially the shell, the soaker pad and a booster which all snap together.  The inners are available in either minkee or bamboo, the minkee being beautifully soft on one side and super quick drying and the bamboo being slightly slower drying (although in this weather I've found them not slow to dry) yet reportedly significantly more absorbent.  For night use the regular booster is wrapped in a bamboo night booster and that is it.

I have tried minkee during the day but both types for night use.  I was certainly dubiousCloth Nappies Close Pop-In as although the nappy is bulkier in its nighttime form, the actual night booster is not thick whatsoever.  I tried one minkee with night booster and one bamboo with night booster on each of my bubs.  These were new nappies with only one prewash which also made me skeptical as to whether or not it would work.  My bubs are 15 months old, have a small bottle before bed of an evening and then another around 5am after which they sleep for another hour or so.  Both my husband and I were both surprised when on night one both bubs were dry in the morning, the nappies were incredibly full and heavy but no leaks! 

We have been using these cloth nappies at night now for over a week and we have hadCloth Nappies Close Pop-In Night Booster one wet bub at wake up (and this was our heavier wetting bub) and one other leak after the other was not changed before breakfast, hence sat in her saturated nappy which clearly couldn't contain its contents with her weight sitting on it.  We have also successfully experienced wet nappies that have also been soiled during the morning wake up period! 

Positives - can be used for day and night, quick drying as they come apart (I really don't think that there is an issue with drying time for the bamboo as it is still significantly quicker than a regular AIO), cute designs and colours.Cloth Nappies Close Pop-In

Negatives - initial cost (but works out so much cheaper than disposables in the long term), three piece system (but foolproof really)!

Check out an independent review of the Close Pop-In by "Rock A Buy Baby Reviews" by clicking here.

If you are into cloth nappies or want a OSFM nappy that is designed for bubs approximately 3-16kgs that can be used both day and night the Close Pop-In is definitely worth a try.  They are definitely a nappy that I wouldn't want to be without, for regular day use, if I needed a nappy that would last a 'little bit longer' than a regular cloth nappy or for night time use with the night booster!  Check them out here.  

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